2021 Special Sale

Heritage Blankets New Mexico–Inverted Mesa Pattern
42 in x 72 in
100% Churro Wool (with a sturdy, rough-textured feel)
Two cousins from old Chimayó weaving families currently work at large floor looms to weave most of the blankets by Heritage Blankets New Mexico. They weave each blanket in one of three patterns: “Inverted Mesa,” “Navajo Stripe,” or “Chimayo Hourglass.” In some blankets dark wool creates the geometric design over a light background; in others light shapes dance over a dark background. But in all cases the colors remain exactly as they are after the wool is sheared from the sheep and carefully washed. No dye is used.                          
Heritage Blanket designs were inspired by designs that have been woven in Northern New Mexico since the late 1500s. Weavers of several origins including Pueblo, Spanish, Navajo, and Mexican have contributed greatly to the textile heritage of the region. Heritage Blankets have a different weaving structure from the famous Navajo and Rio Grande rugs and tapestries of the Southwest. The distinctive look of Heritage Blankets is characterized partly by their weave structure, partly by their designs, and partly by their coarsely spun wool in shades of brown, grey, and cream. 
Heritage Blankets New Mexico is supported by the non-profit Española Valley Fiber Arts Center.Production of the blankets serves to sustain traditions in arts and agricultural practices of northern New Mexico and at the same time provide income greatly needed by people in the rural communities of the region. The yarn used in the blankets comes from Navajo-churro sheep raised by area shepherds and spun in local mills. Navajo-churro sheep were used widely in the Rio Grande Valley beginning in the 17thcentury but are now considered a rare breed. 
Weavers Julia Martinez and Isaiah Valdez come from a family with a long history of Chimayó weaving, a style of weaving named for a small New Mexico town known as a major center of Hispanic weaving.  Julia and Isaiah both began weaving as children. Both are now young single parents who must balance their work lives with their other family responsibilities. The talented weaver Leigh Alexander serves as designer and organizer for Heritage Blankets New Mexico.

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